Project Description


“They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that’s kinda the same thing.”

This local ice creamery has two locations. One in Windsor and one in Sebastopol’s Barlow district. Each space is unique and we were tasked to make both feel special, while keeping the colors and textures cohesive with the overall brand.

The owner, Jaquie, could not have been more wonderful to work with. Her excitement over creating this new business was absolutely infectious. She has a wonderful sense of humor and zest for life and it really shows in the ice cream she makes. We wanted to design spaces that were in-keeping with her overall brand of lovingly locally made small-batch ice cream.

Two Dog’s ice cream is actually frozen using liquid nitrogen. It is said it helps to intensify the flavors and create a creamier final product. The ice cream is no doubt delicious, but the liquid nitrogen tank was a very necessary and very ENORMOUS component we needed to work into each of the floor plans. It was a challenge, but a tasty one and we were up for it!

  • The star-shaped tile along the customer counter is accented with navy blue grout! Sometimes the pop can come from the grout instead of the tile!
  • A little bit of whimsy in the restroom with star-patterned gold and blue wallpaper.
  • We love that the owner put her own touch on the design by adding cheeky sayings about ice cream and cow cutouts.


Rejuvenation pendant lamps Hoshi star tile Ultracraft cabinetry Star wallpaper