Project Description


The Speakeasy is a titillating delight; rich and sultry, aglitter with vintage crystal chandeliers, awash with hooch. The walls and high ceilings are the color of sin, a not-quite-black, smoked plum, the floor is violet, of course. A stained glass window declaring “Repent” tops the peak of the ceiling and reminds us of the real world outside this seductive, secret space.

Twelve foot high Royal Blue drapes surround the teal velvet sofa, a striped silk tent in burnt gold and aubergine encloses the plush navy daybed; the seating is intimate, creating spaces simply perfect for sipping, smooching and carrying on. Navy crocodile arm chairs and velvet pouffes provide seating for the restless who prefer to prowl the bar or game tables.

This is a private party lounge near the Russian River in Forestville California; you need the secret knock…

  • Luxurious velvet drapery
  • Moody lighting
  • Black and white photos in ornate vintage frames can be switched out at the owner’s discretion
  • A vintage bar that got a professional paint job
  • Believe it or not, this space used to be a mechanic’s garage!
  • Now, it truly transports us back to the glamorous roaring 20s!
  • Cocktails anyone?


Teal velvet sofa, Stained Glass Window, Vintage crystal chandeliers, Speakeasy, Prohibition, Naughty, Flapper, Navy daybed, Oversized drapes