Project Description


Designing a kitchen for a professional chef was a dream come true for us. This chef also happens to be a world traveler and accomplished cyclist who spends most summers biking through parts of Asia. Therefore, our client had a fabulous collection of Asien art and antiques that needed to make an appearance in the new space.

The kitchen was a small space, but we were able to fit in additional cabinetry by popping out the back of the cabinets into the adjacent garage. The final result is flush-looking wall cabinets and enough space to add a small island. The island is a great prep or serving space, and then ‘steps down’ to the raw edge dining table. After spending years in high end restaurants, our client loved this perfectly informal and comfortable style of eating for his own home.

The fireplace received a facelift with a new floating hearth running wall to wall. One of our favorite parts of this remodel was adding a recessed light into the (unfortunately, no longer usable) fireplace to shine down on beautiful selenite crystal logs. It was a “make lemonade out of lemons” situation that turned out to be an incredibly stunning moment.

  • The raw-edge dining table that connects to the island
  • Styling was a cinch due to so many treasures that our client had collected from his travels.
  • The richness of antiques paired with the sleek lines of the modern cabinetry
  • The selenite crystal logs


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